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Lady Arkham
Lady Arkham
General Information
Real name: Victoria "Vicki" Vale Victoria Arkham
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: Bruce Wayne (Manipulation subject)

Children of Arkham (Leader)

Abilities: Reporter Skills

Brainwashing Drugging

Portrayed by: Erin Yvette (as Vale)
Steve Blum (as Lady Arkham)

Lady Arkham is the Leader of the Children of Arkham and the main antagonist of Batman: The Telltale Series. Her true identity is Vicki Vale, a reporter for the Gotham Gazette who became a false ally for Bruce Wayne.


Born Victoria Arkham, Vicki was adopted by the Vales after her parents were murdered by Thomas Wayne and Mayor Hill, for objecting to their use of the family's mental hospital. Hoping to get revenge on the corrupt, she formed the Children of Arkham and adopted the name "Lady Arkham". Using her resources, she located people whose relatives had been wrongfully committed to Arkham Asylum, including Oswald Cobblepot and Roland Desmond. She also became a reporter for the Gotham Gazzette, which she used as a front.

Episode One: Realm of ShadowsEdit

NOTICE: The events described impacted by the player's decisions. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Decisions made and their impacts will be show either in italics if a single decision affects the subject of the article or tabs if both decisions affect it.

Vicki Vale (Telltale)

Vicki first met Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent at a fundraiser in Wayne Manor. During their conversation, Vicki notices blood on Bruce's collar, which the player can brush off as either a cut from shaving, spilt wine or lipstick. Upon seeing Carmine Falcone enter Wayne Manor, she became suspicious that Dent's campaign may be soliciting votes from him and his organization. She is also among the guests to notice Bruce either shake his hand or refuse to.

Vicki is also among the reporters in the press conference where Bruce and Harvey announce the "Thomas and Martha Wayne Mental Hospital". She is the only reporter who asks a question about what plans there are for the old Arkham Asylum. She later meets Bruce after the press conference, which ends with the allegations of the Wayne's corruption. She offers to help Bruce in the public eye, by giving a quote about these rumors.

Bruce agrees to give a quote, choosing between saying that his family is innocent, justice will be served or claiming the story is just pure fiction. Whichever the player chooses, Vicki will remember it and the quote will be used in the episode conclusion.

Bruce refuses to give a quote and shows Vicki out. If the player chooses this, rumors about Bruce's links to organized crime may appear stronger to the public's eye.

Whilst being shown out, Vicki reassures Bruce that he'll beat these, claiming that the Waynes always do.

After he finishes decrypting Mayor Hill's drive, containing enough data to incriminate Falcone. Deciding to release it, the player can choose to release it to Lieutenant James Gordon or Vicki, whom Alfred suggests.

If Bruce chooses Vicki, she will thank him for it, considering it would take down Falcone and improve her career. However, she does show some concern for her own safety, which Bruce can either offer her some tips or protection. Vicki also asks whether exposing Falcone will help the city, with Bruce either suggesting Batman (a symbol), Gordon (fixing the police force) or Dent (stamping crime out of City Hall). Vicki then departs, releasing the evidence to all media outlets.

Episode Two: Children of ArkhamEdit

Vicki later appeared at the GCPD headquarters, shortly after hearing news about Falcone's murder. It is possible that she was the one who drugged Sgt. Renee Montoya and coerced her into murdering him. When she noticed Bruce leaving the scene, she tried to converse with him and collect information about the mob boss's murder. Bruce either gives her information about the murder or leaves without telling her anything.

At some point before the debate, Vicki filmed a video as Lady Arkham, demanding that the citizens of Gotham fight the corrupted and take control of Gotham. She, along with Penguin, Desmond and other members of the group attacked the debate between Hill and Dent. She hid among the reports at the debate and faked being taken hostage to avoid suspicion.

After it was attacked by the Children of Arkham, Vicki was "forced" onto the stage by Roland Desmond and held at gunpoint by the Penguin, who made her "host" the event. When the vigilante Batman finally intervened, Vicki took the opportunity to escape and elbowed him in the face before trying to flee. However, Penguin shot at her in retaliation, only for Batman to shield her from the gunfire and throw a Batarang at him, make him cease fire. Batman told Vicki to run, which she obeyed without question. It can be assumed she made it to safety before the GCPD were able to interfere.

Episode Three: New World OrderEdit

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Episode Four: Guardian of GothamEdit

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Bruce WayneEdit

The Children of ArkhamEdit


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