As Lex Luthor gathers together a Society of Super Villains, six villains resist. Brought together by the mysterious Mockingbird, the Secret Six are the only thing standing in the way of the Villains United! When Earth-Three's Alexander Luthor, in the guise of New Earth's Lex Luthor, created the current Secret Society in order to cultivate crime in advance of Infinite Crisis, the real Lex Luthor, then slightly insane due to heavy exposure to Kryptonite radiation, was outraged.

Seeking to sabotage his impersonator, he adopted the persona of "Mockingbird" and began to gather a team of supervillains who he knew would resent the Society. His first recruit was Scandal Savage, daughter of the nearly-immortal Vandal Savage and a genius at organization. Then came Rag Doll, the borderline-psychotic, hyperjointed son of cult leader Peter Merkel, the original Ragdoll, followed by a nameless Parademon. Mercenaries Deadshot and Cheshire followed, and the group was rounded out by the Fiddler, an aging supervillain who feared being forced into retirement by the Society. This volume leads into the Infinite Crisis crossover event.