Warren Skaaren was an American screenwriter and film producer. Skaaren wrote the screenplay for Batman along with Sam Hamm, who wrote the first draft. He wrote part of the script while the film was being shot at Pinewood Studios, since Hamm couldn't participate at that time due to a writer's strike.

In the seventies Skaaren was an executive director for the Texas Film Commission. After leaving the Commission, Skaaren began his career in the film industry, working as a writer for films like Fire with Fire, Beetlejuice and Beverly Hills Cop II. He wrote a draft for Top Gun, for wich was only credited as an associate producer. Skaaren had also written unproduced sequels to The Jewel of the Nile called The Crimson Eagle and Beetlejuice called Beetlejuice in Love. According to its draft date, Beetlejuice in Love is believed to be the last screenplay he wrote before his death.

Warren Skaaren died of bone cancer on December 28, 1990.