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Having recalled one of Lydia's cryptic remarks, Batman and Chief O'Hara race to the Big Benjamin clock tower to save Robin; the Caped Crusader uses the Batzooka to shoot a line to the tower’s lightning rod, and another to the clock's hands, and by connecting them to the positive terminal of the Batmobile's nuclear power source, he positively charges the bell’s clapper, repelling it away from the bell and the Boy Wonder strapped to it. With Robin saved, the Dynamic Duo head for the Batcave, unaware that the Bookworm is upstairs in Wayne Manor stealing a rare alchemical text from Bruce Wayne's library. Later, the literary crook leaves a giant cookbook in the middle of 5th and Cedar Street in downtown Gotham; arriving on the scene, Batman and Robin open the book using a super-powered magnet, only to find a small kitchen inside. But then the Bookworm closes the tome with his remote-control, trapping the two heroes within its armour-plated pages as scalding hot steam is pumped inside; the bookish crook then steals the Batmobile and drives to the rear of the Morganbilt Library, where he plans to use its Batbeam to break in and enable him to pilfer all the rare and priceless books within…




During the time Batman and Robin are trapped in the giant cookbook, Commissioner Gordon tries to get the The Riddler (Frank Gorshin) to open the door-as he is the best safecracker their ever was.

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