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"The Witch and the Manuscript of Doom!"
Worlds Finest v.1 01
General Information
Series: World's Best Comics
Issue Number: 1
First Published: 1941
Next Issue: World's Finest Comics #2


"The Witch and the Manuscript of Doom!"Edit

To be added


"The Witch and the Manuscript of Doom!"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • James Gordon
  • The Witch (First Appearance)
  • Erik Dorne (Only appearance; dies)
  • Joshua Grimm (First Appearance)
  • Melissa Brunt (First Appearance)
  • Jane Ware (First Appearance)


  • This is the only issue titled World's Best Comics. The title changes to World's Finest Comics with issue 2.
  • World's Best/Finest Comics is an extra-sized series (96 pages when most comics were 64 pages) with an higher price (15 cents when most comics were 10 cents).
  • Other stories in this issue include an untitled Superman story, an untitled Red, White and Blue story, an untitled Crimson Avenger story, an untitled Johnny Thunder story, "Tong War in ChinaTown" (Young Doc Davis), "The Menace" (Zatara), an untitled Drafty #158 story, an untitled The King story, an untitled Punch Parker story, and an untitled Lando, Man of Magic story.

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