"The Curse of Isis!"
World's Finest Comics 13
General Information
Series: World's Finest Comics
Issue Number: 13
First Published: Spring 1944
Previous Issue: World's Finest Comics #12
Next Issue: World's Finest Comics #14


"The Curse of Isis!"Edit

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"The Curse of Isis!"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Swami Pravhor (First Appearance)
    • Gouger (First Appearance)
    • Sam (First Appearance)
    • Mugsy (First Appearance)
  • Mike (First Appearance)
  • Jack (First Appearance)


  • With this issue, World's Finest Comics reduces from 88 pages to 80 pages.
  • Other stories in this issue include "The Freedom of the Press!" (Superman), "Stars of the Silver Screen" (Star Spangled Kid and Stripsey), "A Wreath For Sir Edgar of Wimpledown" (Boy Commandos), "Straight From The Cannon's Mouth" (Drafty), "Blazing Gold" (Green Arrow) and "Crime's Most Embarrassing Moments" (Zatara).