"Crime of the Month"
World's Finest Comics 9
General Information
Series: World's Finest Comics
Issue Number: 9
First Published: Spring 1943
Previous Issue: World's Finest Comics #8
Next Issue: World's Finest Comics #10


"Crime of the Month"Edit

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"Crime of the Month"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Bramwell B. Bramwell (First Appearance)
  • Bright Guy Warner (First Appearance)
  • Slim Ryan (First Appearance)
  • Chopper Gant (First Appearance)
  • Muscles Hardy (First Appearance)


  • Other stories in this issue include "One Second to Live!" (Superman), "Khaki and Korn" (Drafty), "The Man Who Could Make It Rain" (Zatara), "Turn Back the Clock" (Star Spangled Kid and Stripsey), "The Battle of the Big Top" (Boy Commandos), "Keep 'Em Fighting" (Martin of the Marines), and "Death is the Prize" (Green Arrow).