"Rebirth Conclusion"
World's Finest Vol 5-4 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Worlds' Finest
Issue Number: 4
First Published: August 1, 2012
Previous Issue: Worlds' Finest #3
Next Issue: Worlds' Finest #5


"Rebirth Conclusion"Edit

Hakkou, the Irradiated Man the mysterious bad guy who might have a connection to Earth 2 has grown to monstrous proportions. It’s up to Power Girl and Huntress to stop him from destroying Tokyo?! Huntress learns how crime works on this Earth in the mean streets of Rome! Plus: Learn what the heroic duo have been up to in the five years since they arrived on this Earth!


"Rebirth Conclusion"Edit



  • Japan
    • Tokyo
  • Rome (In Flashback Only)



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