"Family Matters, Part Two"Edit

Though Power Girl is wary of trusting anybody from this other Earth, Huntress persuades her that Damian Wayne is trustworthy. Somehow, the fact that they are both the children of Bruce Wayne - albeit, different versions of him - has drawn the pair together, and since they discovered that someone is siphoning money from Bruce Wayne's accounts, they have agreed to band together and find out who.

They have two leads, and while Helena and Damian intend to follow one path, Karen follows the other to the French Republic of the Congo. There is little there to indicate what or who stole the money, but when she spots a hut with a massive satellite dish affixed to it, she is sure that it is involved somehow in the theft. When she approaches the door, however, she is cornered by a group of child-soldiers. While their standard weaponry does negligible damage, one boy is armed with some kind of alien technology that blasts her across the jungle.

Helena and Damian, meanwhile find themselves under attack by a pack of wolves, though there seem to be more than a typical pack. Helena has been picking them off with her crossbow, but she is running short on bolts, and in the end she is forced to use a flamethrower to finish the wolves off.

Relatively unharmed, though shaken, Power Girl returns to face the children, and rather than be shot again, she opts to simply blow them away with the force of her breath. The boys are incapacitated long enough for her to destroy the weapons with her heat-vision. Unexpectedly, a loud boom is accompanied by a blast of energy, destroying the hut, and sending Power Girl leaping to protect the boys. Unfortunately, all of the children and the satellite dish's remains are sucked into the familiar portal, which Karen recognizes as Apokoliptian technology. While she cannot save the children, she recovers the alien weapon for study.

Huntress leaps onto the roof of the cabin nearby, which is equipped with its own satellite dish, attempting to collect data from it with a USB stick. Once she has what she needs, she turns to hear Robin calling out, and breaks a metal antenna off to use as an arrow. Leaping down, she sees Robin being attacked by a massive man-wolf, and fires the makeshift arrow into his back. The creature collapses, disappearing before their eyes. They realize that this must be an emissary from Apokolips. Damian admits that he must inform Batman of this news, and after Huntress makes him promise, he agrees to at least keep her a secret from him.


"Family Matters, Part Two"Edit