"Hunt and Be Hunted"Edit

After enjoying a day in Greenwich Village, Helena Wayne decides to go out as the Huntress. She is surprised by a sniper attack, and realizes that Ibn Hassan's price on her head has finally caught up with her. Though she manages to stop both of the assassins, she collapses from blood loss before the police arrive.

In her weakened state, she recalls how her father had pushed her to train harder when she was only a little girl. The police, meanwhile, have called for ambulances, and knowing that she is a wanted terrorist, they intend to interrogate her once her wounds have been treated. Before she can be loaded into the ambulance, though, Power Girl whizzes by, plucking the stretcher out of the EMTs arms, and flying off with it.

Though her father was determined to push her, Helena's mother was comforting, and encouraged her to let her body heal enough to continue training later. As then, Helena's body heals now in a hospital bed on Starr Island in Micronesia. In the mean time, Somya arrives with news that one of the shooters is in police custody. Hearing this, Karen flies to him, breaking into his cell. She flies him up into the sky, and threatens to drop him if he doesn't tell her who hired him.

Still in her hospital bed, Helena dreams of when she overheard her parents discussing her future. Her mother had been adamant that she was ready to become Robin, but her father worried that she would get hurt.

In Kufra, Power Girl fights her way to Ibn Hassan's compound. She tears the safe room he has hid himself in up out of the building's foundations, and balances it precariously on a cliff's edge, suggesting that the two of them should talk about the billion-euro price he put on Helena's head.

Elsewhere, Batman becomes concerned with how far afield his son Damian is going by himself as Robin.


"Hunt and Be Hunted"Edit




  • Huntress' Crossbow