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Worlds' Finest
World's Finest vol 5
General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Total Issues: 35
Published: May 2, 2012 - March 11, 2015
Creators: Paul Levitz
George Perez
Kevin Maguire
Scott Koblish
Robson Rocha
Wayne Faucher
Emanuela Lupacchino
RB Silva
Joe Weems


Worlds' Finest Writer: Paul Levitz. Artists: George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Stranded on our world from a Parallel Reality, Huntress and Power Girl struggle to find their way back to Earth 2. George Perez and Kevin Maguire will be the artists on alternating story arcs.

Story ArcsEdit

  • Worlds' Finest: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2



One ShotsEdit


  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon

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