William Mallory's parents had been jewel thieves who were sent to jail around the same time that Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered. Since then, Will and his younger brother Andy had become friends with Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson. Resenting the Batman's targeting criminals like their parents "just trying to earn a living," they became Wrath and Scorn, an evil analogue of the Bat-team to aid Gotham's villain community. They first appeared to prevent Batman and Robin from catching the Penguin and were reported to have helped Killer Croc escape. On the night of Gotham's Million Dollar Fun Ball, a lottery jackpot that the Joker plotted to steal, Wrath and Scorn attacked Batman and Robin so as to allow Joker to get away. Wrath later met with Joker, Penguin, Killer Croc, and the Ventriloquist & Scarface and offered his help to steal money engraving plates that were being delivered. Wrath and Scorn later delayed the police with an explosion when Batman and Robin arrived. Around this time, Batman and Wrath discovered each other's secret identities. When police backup arrived, Wrath and Scorn escaped with the other villains. They found the Batcave and attacked Batman and Robin, and soon started to destroy the Batcave. Batman used one of his utility belt devices to summon bats to help. Wrath and Scorn ended up defeated in the end, but threatened to reveal Batman's and Robin's true identities to every criminal in prison. Just as they were about to be carted off to jail, the Joker infected Wrath and Scorn with his laugh gas, asserting that destroying Batman is his job alone. This left them helpless, giggling lunatics and prevented them from getting a chance to reveal Batman and Robin's identities.


Season 5Edit

Voiced by Edit

  • Christopher Gorham (English)
  • Shunsuke Sakuya (Japanese)
  • Vladimir Putin (russian)