Xavier Simon has the ability to swap his mind with other people (and primates). His mind inhabits his victim's body, and the victim's mind goes to Simon's body. Simon hated Thomas Wayne, and knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. Simon's ultimate goal is to permanently take over Bruce Wayne's body and life.


Xavier Simon is a man seeking vengeance on the son of Thomas Wayne and another man leaves the first man dead. Suspecting Simon due to a recollection of a photo of the dead man, Thomas Wayne, and Simon, Batman confronts him. As the man is confined to a wheel chair, he is apparently no threat, until he reveals the bizarre truth that he can and has transferred his consciousness into a white ape. Trapping Batman he reveals that he is going to transfer his mind into Batman's (who he knows is secretly Bruce Wayne), then strangle Simon's body. Having changed his will to leave everything to Bruce Wayne, he will continue on, having killed Batman's mind in Simon's old body.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Mind Swapping