Young Justice: Invasion is the second season of Young Justice, preceded by season one, and it comprises 20 episodes. It was expected to air in March 2012, during the premiere of DC Nation, but was later set to premiere on April 28.

The story follows the teenage superhero members of the Team, as they must deal with an alien invasion.

The first episode takes place on January 1, five years after the first season concluded. Greg Weisman also reported that Davis Sobolov will provide his voice talents for this season. Unlike the previous season which featured a spate of guest directors, the season two production team hired a permanent set of three directors: Tim Divar, Doug Murphy and Mel Zwyer.

Major plot lines

  • Five years have passed since season one, and with it has brought drastic changes; including alterations to the Team and League line-ups, and public perception of masked vigilantes.
  • The heroes have found out what occurred during the missing 16 hours during which six Leaguers were under Vandal Savage's mind control. As a result, those same Leaguers have left Earth to undergo a criminal trial on Rimbor.
  • Aliens have secretly invaded and have been operating on Earth for unspecified purposes.
  • The Light is still active and is now working with a new Partner.
  • Red Arrow was consumed by his ongoing search for Speedy for the last five years, until he and Cheshire found Speedy and took him back to Star City.
  • Aqualad is working deep undercover for Nightwing as the loyal lieutenant of his father, and Artemis' death is faked, both in order to learn more about the Light and their new Partner.