The Yung Bluds were a Gotham street gang,who,although not as large a gang as the Street Demonz, dealt in many drugs, including cocaine. They first appeared in Batman #466.


When the GCPD began investigating the street gang the Yung Bluds for suspected drug dealing,they sent a police officer,Donnie Lethrop,to go undercover in order to infiltrate the drug gang. However,Lethrop was exposed as giving the Yung Bluds information on when the police were planning to conduct raids and uncover the gang's drugs. This way,the Yung Bluds were able to evade capture by the GCPD. In return,the Yung Bluds got Lethrop addicted to cocaine,then gave him the drug in return for the information. Lethrop was fired from the police force in disgrace,and his story made it into the newspapers,which referred to him as the Junkie Cop. Furious and shattered,Donnie Lethrop's young brother took Donnie's rifle and found that the Yung Bluds had no particular hideout,but often met and loitered in Heroworld,an amusement park themed after the ancient heroes of myths and legends. However,after Donnie's brother had found himself a vantage point atop a statue,rage and sorrow consumed him until he began to ready the rifle to snipe several members of the Yung Bluds as they met within the park. His plans,however,were preempted by the arrival of several criminals Batman and Robin were chasing into the park,forcing the park owner to attempt an evacuation of the visitors in small groups. He first approached the Yung Bluds,but was not taken seriously by the gang,who told him to sit on an egg. Later,most of the Yung Bluds gathered to watch a mock duel between the mythical Greek hero Thessus and the infamous Minotaur,but one was suddenly shot in the back by Donnie's brother. The gang member fell into the arena in which the robot Thessus and Minotaur were fighting,but was saved by Robin,who then realized that the gang member had been shot. Robin called an ambulance,and the gang member survived. Robin noted that he had been sniped with a high-velocity rifle slug,and deduced the sniper's location,stopping him before anyone else could get hurt.

Later, Batman would encounter several of the Yung Bluds briefly,when he stumbled across them spray-painting over a sign: Yung Bluds Kill. Batman spread his cape out wide and greeted the Yung Bluds curtly,causing the gang members to flee.