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Zodiac Master
Zodiacmaster 01
General Information
Real name: Unidentified
First Appearance: Detective Comics #323 (January 1964)
Created by: Dave Wood
Sheldon Moldoff
Affiliations: None
Abilities: Gimmicked costume
Portrayed by: None

The masked villain known as the Zodiac Master makes his presence known in Gotham by predicting a succession of disasters, all of which he has secretly orchestrated. Having cemented his reputation, he starts offering odds on the relative success or failure for the plans of various criminals, all in exchange for 25% of the take.


Zzodiacmasterpost-crisis 02

Batman apprehends the Zodiac Master.

Introduced in late 1963's Detective Comics #323, the Zodiac Master has a minor claim as the final new costumed villain that Batman and Robin fought before the advent of the Julius Schwartz-edited era launched in Detective Comics #327. Wearing a light blue cowl and body suit decorated by astrological signs, the cunning villain concocted an elaborate scheme to become a known underworld figure. He first made his presence known in Gotham by accurately predicting a succession of disasters (all of which he'd secretly orchestrated).

Having cemented his reputation, the Zodiac Master set out to become the Jeanne Dixon of the underworld set, offering odds on the relative success or failure of a gang's latest heist in exchange for 25% of the loot. Having tricked the criminals of Gotham into believing he is capable of making infallible astrological predictions, the Zodiac Master's business boomed, many crooks approaching him for predictions on the probable success or failure of each crime. Batman quickly connected the mob's mysterious Mister Z with the Zodiac Master and began planning to stop him. For a while, the Zodiac Master continued to swindle the underworld and keep collecting lucrative fees for his phony predictions, but he is finally caught in the act by Batman and Robin while stealing a gem-encrusted gold bull from the Gotham museum. After a lengthy chase and battle, Batman took down the villain with one of his own weapons, a rocket-propelled goat's head. The story was reprised in "Batman Family #14"'s "Bureau of Missing Villains" but the Zodiac Master has never returned, save one brief cameo in "Solo #7"(2005).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elements of the Zodiac Master's costume are gimmicked to transform themselves into weapons or distractions.

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